Showing Someone Some Love During COVID-19 With Flowers

If you want to cheer someone up that is stuck at home due to social distancing, send them some flowers. From bouquets and corsages to wreaths and potted plants, a beautiful arrangement can truly make a difference in someone's day. Many consumers may wonder if it is safe to send flowers; the answer is "yes," but here are a few things to know before ordering from a florist for delivery. Read More 

Why Get Flowers From A Florist Over Other Locations?

When you buy flowers for a loved one, you want to buy them from a florist before buying them from anyone else. A florist is a specialist who understands the beauty of flowers and how to cut and care for them, so even though you can buy flowers at a grocery store or other popular location, stick to a florist shop for your flower purchasing needs. Here are the reasons why you should choose a florist over another type of establishment for buying the flowers you need for your loved ones or other recipients you have in mind. Read More 

Preserving Posies: Creative Ways To Keep Enjoying Your Flowers When They Start To Fade

Opening the door and being greeted by your local florist with a beautiful bouquet of flowers never gets old. Flowers are always appreciated, but unfortunately, they don't last forever. Learning creative ways to preserve the flowers you receive can help you prolong the joy of a gift of flowers. Make potpourri Remove flowers from stems and use petals or entire flower heads to create a wonderful potpourri for scenting your home. Read More