Showing Someone Some Love During COVID-19 With Flowers

If you want to cheer someone up that is stuck at home due to social distancing, send them some flowers. From bouquets and corsages to wreaths and potted plants, a beautiful arrangement can truly make a difference in someone's day. Many consumers may wonder if it is safe to send flowers; the answer is "yes," but here are a few things to know before ordering from a florist for delivery.

Ask About Options

Ask the florist about contactless delivery options so that your recipient won't worry about coming in contact with strangers or needing to go out during the pandemic. Some regions have loosened restrictions, but for those with concerns or compromised health, request contactless delivery for your flowers.

Stick to Something Simple

Right now, it makes sense to stick with something simple that is sure to be in stock, readily available, and priced affordably. Choose native species of plants or flowers and ask the florist for their suggestions. This is not the time for elaborate custom pieces; trust that the florist can create something beautiful for you.

Plan Ahead

Florists may have limited hours or reduced offerings right now due to Coronavirus. Plan ahead so that you can have your order delivered on-time for special events or occasions. Try to be flexible as delivery frequency and service areas may be decreased in light of the pandemic.

Tip Them Well

Remember that everyone is just trying to stay in business during the pandemic; show some appreciation with a tip for your delivery driver. These are the essential workers that are putting their health on the line by going out to ensure customers get their orders. Be kind and tip well.

Consider the Recipient

Perhaps a big, lush bouquet of flowers isn't really the best choice for your recipient; consider other options like a small rose bowl for a desk, a wreath for a front door, or a window-box planter that can be perched on a porch. Think about the recipient and ask the florist for input into something suitable and currently available.

If you decide to pick up your flowers or visit the florist, be considerate of merchants by adhering to their guidelines before entering the premise. Do not put small businesses at risk by refusing to wear masks, maintain social distancing, or stay at home when warranted.

Want to brighten someone's day during this difficult time? Send them some flowers and arrange for a convenient and comfortable delivery to their door. Remember that times are tough so be understanding when it comes to limited options, handling costs, or reduced hours when ordering from local vendors; know that your purchase could be helping to save a small business in your community.

For more information, contact a local flower delivery service today.