Home Improvement: How To Use Fresh Flowers From The Florist To Give Your Home A New Look

If you are short on cash but want to give your home a fresh look for the spring season, flowers are a great alternative to costly home improvement projects. With a little creativity, you can change the appearance of a room just by displaying flowers to create a focal point in the room. Simply use items you have on hand or pick up a few items from a discount store or flea market to display your flowers and watch the transformation take place.

Display in front of a window

Place a stand or small table in front of a large window in the living room to create a focal point. Choose a container to place on the stand or table to display your floral bouquet. Choose your container based on your home decorating style.

For a modern farmhouse living room use a gallon size jar, metal bucket, or a large ceramic crock to display spring flowers and create a stunning look. For a cottage or coastal home, you can place a jar inside a basket to hold the flowers or use an old tea kettle or vintage tin. For contemporary homes, you could use a brass or metal urn to hold your flowers.

Decorate a porch or entryway

A lovely bouquet of fresh flowers displayed in an entryway or on a front porch is a great way to make guests feel welcome. Create a garden display by placing your flowers in an old pair of vinyl garden boots next to the front door or inside the entryway or foyer. Place a garden rake or hoe next to the boots to create a charming grouping that exudes the essence of a fresh spring day.

Bring a table to life

You can say goodbye to boring table centerpieces when you invite fresh flowers into a kitchen or dining room. Create a fun spring table setting by choosing a colorful table runner in yellow or green, then use mason jars or small bud vases to hold your flowers. Break up the bouquet into five or six small vases and place them down the center of the table.

There are no limitations to what you can do with a fresh bouquet of flowers from your local florist. Flowers are a perfect fit for many decorating styles and look beautiful. They also add fragrance to a home and can be dried later and used to make potpourri or to create sachets to freshen up a closet or drawer.

If you would like to know more about flowers or get some for your home, talk to a florist near you for a professional opinion.