Essential Steps To Take To Preserve The Vibrancy Of Your Anniversary Floral Arrangement

If you have always had a soft spot for beautiful flowers, your wedding was likely dotted by the blooms. Thus, it is natural that your spouse will take the time to commemorate each year of your marriage with a personalized anniversary floral arrangement that will remind you of the love that they have for you.

When you consider the thoughtfulness that has gone into this gift, you probably would want to maintain the beauty of your floral arrangement for the long term but these plants are bound to wither. Your best bet would be to take measures that will delay the rate at which this happens. Check out the following essential steps to take to preserve the vibrancy of your anniversary floral arrangement.

Pick the right spot to display your flowers

The most common blunder that people make with their floral arrangements is not selecting a suitable location to set these flowers. What may surprise you when it comes to prolonging the lifespan of flowers is that they do not do well when exposed to the sun. Hence, when you place the flowers on a windowsill under the belief that this will make the floral arrangement stand out, the fact of the matter is that you are causing undue damage to the flowers from direct sun exposure.

Moreover, you should not put the floral arrangement close to direct air, as this will facilitate drying. The best option is to place them in a location that is not exposed to too much air or light, such as on a coffee table or a kitchen countertop.

Trim off the stems every couple of days

If you are a flower enthusiast, you are probably aware of the need to cut off the stems of fresh flowers before putting them in a vase so that you can optimize the absorption of moisture. However, not many people know that they should repeat this step every few days. When you leave your anniversary floral arrangement in water for a prolonged period, the bottom of the stems slowly gets waterlogged to the point that they turn into mush.

Once this occurs, the stems can no longer transport much-needed moisture up the blooms, which leads to your flowers drooping. Before you know it, you will notice that the floral arrangement is steadily losing its petals and, subsequently, its allure. To mitigate this problem, it is best to trim off the stems of the anniversary floral arrangement every couple of days to maintain their integrity.

Contact a local florist to get more care tips for an anniversary floral arrangement.