Fall Wedding Decor Ideas

Autumn is one of the most beautiful times of the year for weddings. The fall foliage, the cooler temperatures, and the air of change bring such a lovely tone to a wedding ceremony. If you are planning a fall wedding, consider some of these decor ideas.

1. Embrace fall flowers

Sometimes, people cling to summer when choosing flowers for their wedding. They like the look of peonies, lilies, and other more delicate blooms. However, fall flowers can be just a beautiful, and they really embody the spirit of the fall season. Some flowers to consider include:

  1. Balloon flower. This flower is a nice deep purple with an elegant bell-shaped bloom.
  2. Chrysanthemum. What a nice flower for fall! The yellow and orange colors show off the best of the fall season, and these hardy flowers will not wilt in a bouquet. 
  3. Celosia. The vibrant scarlet color of this flower adds a pop of color to fall arrangements, and the vertical structure gives a bouquet some character. 
  4. Dianthus. You won't believe that this delicate flower is better suited for cool seasons. The maroon, white, and purple blossoms compliment any fall color pallet. 
  5. Black-eyed Susan. These flowers look like daisies, but they have deeper brown centers the distinctly move them into the autumn color palette. 

You can compliment fall flowers with foliage and with year-round flower varieties like roses and carnations. 

2. Put the harvest into your decor

Embrace the harvest that comes so abundant in the fall by centering your designs around harvest themes. You might, for example, place peaches and apples in your table centerpieces, or you might use cornstalk foliage as part of your floral design. Fall harvest is not just about pumpkins and gourds, but these can also be used.

3. Choose deep color schemes

Summer is the time for white, mint, light pinks, and soft blues. With autumn, you can afford to be much bolder with your color choices. You might consider:

  1. Deep purple. Stay away from cool purples that trend more toward blue. Instead, choose warmer purples that have brown and red undertones. 
  2. Teal. Teal is a nice compliment to oranges, deep yellows, gold, and even deep red. 
  3. Goldenrod. Goldenrod is a lovely fall flower, but it's also a guiding color that looks elegant for a wedding color scheme. 
  4. Persimmon. A more subdued orange that is nevertheless still bold with reddish undertones, persimmon is a good choice because it adapts to other similar colors, including brown, yellow, red, and pink. 

For more information, contact your local floral shop.