Creating A Moonlight Garden

A moonlight garden is one made primarily of white blooms that stand out at dusk or at night. They often seem to glow in the moonlight. A moonlight garden is a wonderful choice for homeowners who work long hours and can't often enjoy their garden during the day. It beckons at night and gives people a perfect spot to enjoy the cooler evening temperatures. Read on for some tips on how to create a moonlight garden. Read More 

Unique Ways To Bring More Plants Into Your Home Design

Plants are a simple way to liven up any room, but incorporating them and caring for them can be tricky for some. You might not have the space for a lot of plant pots, or you might worry about your ability to keep plants alive. There are some simple but unique ways you can enjoy the benefits of plants without worrying as much about space or a huge time commitment.  Read More 

Move Over, Roses: Five Items You’ll See More Of In This Year’s Bridal Bouquets

Traditional bridal bouquets from flower services everywhere generally consist of long-stemmed roses; fragrant lilies; delicate, frothy baby's breath; and perhaps a fern or two for filler. Modern brides, however, are following the overall floral industry trend toward breaking with tradition in favor of unique, more personal arrangements to hold in their arms as they walk down the aisle. Following are just five of the items you'll see more of in bridal bouquets this year. Read More 

How To Cheer Up A Friend Who Is The Hospital For An Extended Stay

Being stuck in the hospital for a long time can be very troubling. Not only can it be scary, it can even be boring. There will be endless time to deal with. People who have to be in the hospital for any reason for an extended time period will need to pass the time and also need to create an atmosphere that is not as cold and sterile. As a friend, one of the things you can do is try and help them improve their situation. Read More 

Five Tips To Keep Your Bouquet Of Flowers Fresh

You may receive flowers for a variety of reasons. Perhaps you received flowers from a romantic partner, or maybe it's because of an appreciation from someone. Although flowers have a limited life once they are picked from the bush, there are a few things you can do to keep them fresh for longer time. The following re a few tips to help you keep your bouquet fresh for as long as possible. Read More