Creating A Moonlight Garden

A moonlight garden is one made primarily of white blooms that stand out at dusk or at night. They often seem to glow in the moonlight. A moonlight garden is a wonderful choice for homeowners who work long hours and can't often enjoy their garden during the day. It beckons at night and gives people a perfect spot to enjoy the cooler evening temperatures. Read on for some tips on how to create a moonlight garden.

Types of Flowers

Choose perennials that grow to different heights and bloom at different times of the year. This will ensure that your garden is visually appealing all season long. Low-growing ground covers are beautiful in the front of the moonlight garden flower bed, and if you have the space for it, a trailing clematis or honeysuckle vine looks gorgeous in the back of the garden. In the middle, choose annual and perennial plants of different heights with the tallest in the back. Dahlias are an excellent choice for moonlight gardens. White dahlia tubers are available in a multitude of varieties with different types of blooms that grow to different heights. Dahlias are often considered an annual plant; however, dahlia tubers can be removed from the soil in the fall and overwintered indoors before being placed back in the garden in the spring. Also consider adding flowers that bloom at night, like white moon flowers. Many night blooming flowers have intoxicating scents, giving even more reason for you to spend time in the moonlight garden.


It may be tempting to only focus on the blooms in your moonlight garden, but also consider adding foliage to the flower bed. Variegated varieties of foliage are best. Variegated hosta looks beautiful in a moonlight garden, as does variegated ivy. Also choose plants that have interesting types of leaves to add visual interest to your moonlight garden when flowers aren't in bloom.


Consider texture when creating a moonlight garden, especially if children will be spending time in it. Lamb's ear is a perennial with fuzzy leaves that are fun to pet, and the perennial silver mound has small, narrow leaves that create a soft mound of silvery green in the garden. Dusty miller is an annual that provides another fun texture in a moonlight garden. 


To truly enjoy the sights and scents of your moonlight garden, add seating to it. A bench nestled among the flowers or even a hanging egg chair is the perfect spot to relax in the evening and delight in the fruit of your labor. 

For more information about options for your garden, contact a local nursery or florist shop like Summer Dreams Farm