Move Over, Roses: Five Items You’ll See More Of In This Year’s Bridal Bouquets

Traditional bridal bouquets from flower services everywhere generally consist of long-stemmed roses; fragrant lilies; delicate, frothy baby's breath; and perhaps a fern or two for filler. Modern brides, however, are following the overall floral industry trend toward breaking with tradition in favor of unique, more personal arrangements to hold in their arms as they walk down the aisle. Following are just five of the items you'll see more of in bridal bouquets this year. 


Bridal bouquets have traditionally contained a sprig or two of fresh greenery to provide accent and balance to a lovely bunch of flowers, but modern bouquets are flaunting more foliage—and it's not always green. Brides who opt for autumn ceremonies, for instance, may decide to accent their bouquets with twigs and small branches holding vibrant autumn leaves, and some even forgo the flowers altogether and carry bright leaves with a touch or two of fresh green foliage. 


Bunches of lavender and rosemary make a fragrant, stunning bouquet when accented by purple basil or other brightly colored herbs. You can also use mint in place of traditional ferns, or you can carry garden-grown sage when you walk down the aisle. Some brides are even opting for an entirely herbal bridal bouquet. 


Wildflowers have been a part of the bridal bouquet picture for a number of years, but only when they've been in season in the geographic area where the marriage is taking place—but these days, they're available at any time, in any place. The difference is that florists are offering these choices out-of-season, meaning that if you choose to meet your beloved at the altar in the middle of winter, you can still carry your favorite spring-blooming wildflowers as you walk down the aisle. 


Modern brides are also including small branches containing blueberries, huckleberries, or thornless raspberries in their bridal bouquets. Other choices include tiny crabapples and miniature pears. Paying a visit to your local farmers' market will provide you with inspiration on incorporating edibles into your bridal bouquet. 


Everlastings are simply flowers that don't lose their beauty once they've dried out; they retain their color for years. Many brides love these because they can have their bouquets made into framable art that provides a lasting memento of their special day. Everlastings include strawflowers, amaranth, and bells of Ireland. 

Please feel free to reach out to your local florist at your convenience to learn more about selecting the bridal bouquet that suits you best.