Five Tips To Keep Your Bouquet Of Flowers Fresh

You may receive flowers for a variety of reasons. Perhaps you received flowers from a romantic partner, or maybe it's because of an appreciation from someone. Although flowers have a limited life once they are picked from the bush, there are a few things you can do to keep them fresh for longer time. The following re a few tips to help you keep your bouquet fresh for as long as possible.

Cut the stems before placing them in water

The stems of flowers begin to seal right after they are harvested. When you first receive your bouquet, you need to cut them again. When you make this cut, it doesn't have to be too far from the bottom of the stem because you are only looking to cut away the end that has sealed up. Once you do this, the stem will begin to draw up more water from the vase.

Cutting the stems under water offers an additional benefit

If possible, cut the stems of your flowers under water. Naturally, you only want to put the ends of the stem under water. This can be accomplished in your kitchen sink. The reason for this is it reduces the chances of the flower stems drawing in air, and an air bubble will reduce the flow of water to the flowers.

Keep flowers in warm water

Somewhere between room temperature and water that is too hot to the touch is what you are looking for. Flowers are not fond of cold water. They are better able to absorb the water when it is warm, and this will allow more water to reach the flowers.

Repeat the cutting process and change the water every two or three days

The water from the vase will draw up and into the flowers, but this process is limited as some of the water will be used by the flowers and some of the water will be blocked as the ends of the stems begin to slowly seal. By repeating the process of cutting and changing the water, you will be extending the life of your flowers even more.

Do not display them in direct sunlight

Although it is true that plants need sunlight, your flowers have been removed from the bush they came from. Direct sun will reduce the life of the flowers. Indirect sunlight is fine, but avoid placing them on a window sill or any stand directly in front of a window.

Eventually, your flowers will fade in color and wilt, but by using the tips above, your flowers will last as long as they possibly can.